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What the hell is Easter coming to?

Keep your Eggs to yourself if you are Christian seems to be the tone of Easter this year. I was initially shocked on Good Friday to hear comments on the radio they were talking about people travelling for a long week end. Fine but then it took a strange twist when a caller said about his having a big family Good Friday church lunch with the fish. The announcer says well if that’s what you are into! Excuse me if that is what you are into? Isn’t the church and sea food thing part of Easter? Don’t we commemorate the Death of Jesus? Isn’t that what Good Friday is? We as Christians do this, then we have a break or a pause in the Easter Week end and then on Sunday we celebrate the rising of Christ. So lets get this down first – Thursday is Holy the day of the Last Supper. Friday, Christ was crucified on the cross. He was put in the tomb before the sunset as Saturday is the Sabbath for the Jewish faith (Jesus was a Jew). Then on Sunday they opened the tomb as soon as it was sunrise and found the tomb empty. Jesus had arisen. So do you follow me?
So why is this so hard for people to understand?
I have the utmost respect for other faiths and other beliefs but. And her it is…If you don’t believe in the whole Easter story don’t celebrate it. Don’t take the days off. It’s not an extra long week end with chocolate. I have a Jewish friend she partakes of chocolate but doesn’t do it as Easter. She does Passover, I get a lamb dinner from her and she gets Hot cross buns from me. All is good.
Don’t bullshit me with I am an atheist and then have eggs. just get plain chocolates. Oh and while I am at it…Don’t Celebrate Christmas. So back to it. I read with disgust and article the Athiests guide to explaining Easter to your children. Well the article was trying to hard to be hip…and was very snarkastic. She laughingly talks of her child thinking zombie Jesus is cool. Talks of explaining German hermaphrodite Gods who turn chickens into rabbits. She only left out Ishtar and all of that. (Ishtar Babylonian Goddess, pronoun Easter Fertility thus rabbits and chickens).
Yes we as Christians did take the icons from pagans in their PR drive to sell the Crucifixion they did the same with Easter. But getting back to my point you can’t have it both ways.
I have had enough. Okay hardware shops are open, auto shops, cinemas and fast food outlets. Where is the acknowledgement in the reason for the days off the honour?
The honour brings me to another point of rant. Leading up to Easter as ANZAC days is just after it we are being bombarded with that. People calling talk back and letters to the editors all saying the ANZAC means more to them than Australia day and Easter. What? Did the ANZACs die for our sins? Isn’t it enough that we have zombie Jesus who has rabbits that lay eggs? I would and do understand that ANZAC is more important to Australia than Australia day. But realistically White Australia won’t give up the Australia Day long week end.
Back to Easter. So is it irrelevant in todays society? Do we need it? If we don’t then lets not celebrate. As a Christian Nation we have the holiday. If I lived in a Muslim nation I wouldn’t expect to celebrate it. But would have to respect the norms of that nation. Most people that dis on Easter are people who if you asked them would say oh yeah I’m a Christian, and yet they don’t have the faith. to be lapsed in faith is fine but don’t let that become the norm

New Beginings

Hi I am Colleen a Wakka Wakka woman and mother of four. In October 2010 I found out I had an inoperable Brain tumour. It was just another hurdle to overcome and it wasn’t too much of a problem, when I got used to it. However this year the adjuvant care treatment went wrong. What was thought to be oedema (fluid retention) was actually blood clots which culminated in a pulmonary embolism I reacted to the medications and have spent the last few months in and out of hospital with fractures lung problems and auto immune ailments because of the medications reacting to each other. I am facing surgery on my eyes because of the medications not quite working with each other. But I will get through this with God’s help.

This time last year I was in a hospital recovering from a pulmonary embolism. The consequence of not a bad life style but medications and Chemo gone wrong.  I had a blog before chronicling my journey but I deleted it. So now am on the ball again and going to start a fresh and a new.  So now I can look back at what I have been through and am grateful to God and the Medical staff and especially my family and friends who kept me going. I have had to face the hurdle of huge medical bills. $15 hundred dollars a week on medications this luckily dropped down but its a hard thing to do. I got help from friends donating food, money and fundraising for me to pay for bills and to pay for surgery that was needed. Its all be hard but has made me a better person, I at least hope I am a better person.
So some of the posts I have you might not understand, the why and where for. It can be confusing because they won’t follow a generalised flow. They will cover all sorts of issues like how to survive on a disability allowance pay rent pay for medicines, pay for Doctors and raise kids.
I will talk about the horrible issues that have faced my family children and teenagers put in an extraordinary situation. It is not going to be nice. It is not going to be family meetings hugs and tears. It is going to be family fights, dramas then hugs and tears. It is going to be hard to read and even harder to write. But every thing I write my children read even if I am calling them the devil. My children even when I dislike them are my world my previous blog upset my son. I had said at the start if anything upsets you I stop. So I did. My children then told me I was a fool and that they can be upset but that’s alright to just keep going. So I thank them very much for this.
I thank them very much for being the horrid, selfish, loud, rowdy, laughing, impulsive, caring, loving humorous beings that they are. But most of all I thank them for loving me.