How long is a disability

How long is too long on disability? I have been on centrelink for less than a year. I never had the intention of staying on welfare for the rest of my life. But I was rather put out when I received a letter from centrelink telling me how long I had been on welfare and that I need to do something to go back into the work force. (I am paraphrasing the letter).
I am due to go back to work soon, I am returning part time. I am going back, not just because I need the money to pay the medical bills. But I am not really cut out for the stay at home person. My kids are in school I have always been involved in the schools while working, if I was part time working I would be a tuckshop mum or a reading mum. I love my down time I love the chance to read, walk about go to parks etc. but I also have a big need to do more.
I have had my eye surgery put off four times, twice I was considered too ill for it to happen. Twice the doctor has cancelled on me. I had wanted to have my surgery done before going back to work. I am going blind with cataracts. I have cataracts because of the medications and because of them my cataracts have grown worse at a fast rate because of the medications. Yep I have cataracts on steroids. My eyes have done in a few months what would usually happen over years.
So I wanted the surgery done before going back to work because with limited vision it limits my job. If I need to take extra time until my next scheduled surgery, maybe my work would allow me. Who knows, I won’t be able to ask them, because I have to start doing something for going back to the workforce or lose my benefits.
Now I am complaining, I have seen and heard of people in worse situations than I being forced to go back into the workforce by centrelink. Losing their aid. There is a Facebook community for some, I have seen a double amputee being refused disability and having to go on new start. Maybe not a problem for some but for him it is he lives in a small community and losing a limb from cancer is bad enough but when it’s both. I think it will take a bit of time to get used to it. But there you go, Centrelink thinks differently. Each case must be taken on its merits I have seen a relative of mine sit on disability for about 10 years for depression. He self-medicates with yandy (marijuana) and doesn’t take the medications he is prescribed. He is a fake as far as I am concerned. I know many depressives who work and function, they push themselves. Yes they have times when they want to curl up into a ball, but they don’t. But again it’s not my call. It is all opinion I think when it comes to these things an opinion of some poor public servant who has no idea. A standard letter is sent out and then sometimes an interview is done and it boils down to how that person feels about you, and if they are having a good day.
But enough of that. With the Federal budget now I think it will be a lot worse. Ok they are going to find the fraudsters. But the fraudsters are always there, while the real needy get cut off. I will and want to go back to work. But I would like a bit of leeway around my surgery. And then I would like a bit of leeway around my body aches and pains, a bit of support for the poor cancerous body so that I can work part time if I can’t manage fulltime. But oh well we do what we have to do. I will have to get the child who can drive take me to and from work. My hips couldn’t cope with the bus.


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