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To die with dignity

I cannot speak for everyone but I do believe to be able to die with dignity is important. Why I hear you ask and others I hear you whisper that it goes against God and that we don’t have the right to do this. I am going to answer these questions and explain why I think it’s important I am not expecting you to change your mind but I am expecting you to understand where I am going and where I am coming from. Maybe you can also just respect my position and I will respect yours.
I have believed that people have the right to euthanasia if they have thought it through and are determined. It’s not an easy decision to make and if you are assisted it takes away the suicide issue which brings in religious and clean up problems. We put down our beloved pets when they are in pain and we can’t help them and say it’s the only humane thing do, yet we don’t allow our fellow humans the same right. ( I call it a right or maybe it’s a gift but we tend to say it’s our right to be able to decide what happens with our bodies, we have the right in some places to abortion we have the right to refuse medical assistance etc. Life if a gift it’s a gift from God but like all gifts we are the master of what we do with that gift.)
I watched 4 corners the other night and they had a guy who was fighting for his right to die with dignity he was going to go to Switzerland to dignatus. He had the help of Phillip Nitshke who is an advocate for euthanasia.
Why should a person, an Australian have to go overseas to die? The government has far too much to say about our lives. The federal government won’t allow same sex marriages. Some of the States Don’t allow abortion. The churches are the same. It’s not that many years ago that governments wouldn’t allow Aboriginal people to marry non Aboriginals.
No one really has the right to tell me that my pain isn’t enough to warrant me wanting to die. If you have not had cancer and know the extreme pain, butt out. I don’t want to hear you say that the pain will pass. I don’t want to be at the level of pain where I am totally stoned that I can’t function. I want to be able to say good bye to my children. I want to pass over to the other side with some peace and dignity. I don’t want to be covered with my own filth because of the pain, wearing diapers because I can’t control my bowels or bladder, trust me that kind of pain really sucks, been there done that.
Choosing my own way, I can have my family around me as I pass if I want to or if they want to be there for it. If I and others like me are allowed to do this in our own country and in our home or hospital we can say good bye properly to our loved ones. Being allowed to die with dignity allows me to have a family member of friend help if I want them to and if they want to. Think of the family members and friends who have had to fight their own conscience to help a loved one pass over. I don’t want anyone to be facing a possible legal problem, facing charges just because they helped me or watched me pass over.
Don’t think that I am just using pretty words to make it seem a bit user friendly. Trust me I know what I am talking about, I am talking about taking my own life when the time is right for me. I am not going to go out tomorrow and do this I am here for the long haul but I want to know that when it gets too bad I have a choice. It’s not a cop out or the easy way out. It has taken me a long time of thought to reach this conclusion. I have always believed that we have the right to euthanasia I was happy when the NT government passed a law to enable it. But it was overturned by the federal government. I believe more so in this now, having faced the possibility of death for quite a few years. This year I have had a pulmonary embolism I was clinically dead 7 times I have had to deal with pain from that. I have also had fractured hip, actually both, and fractured ribs. I have been in pain, I wasn’t going to give up then as it was a temporary thing. I know that one day I will be in too much pain and it will be endless and that is when I will choose to go.