Stupidity is no excuse for insidental Racism

I am going to have a bit of ramble about stupidity. I know I wasn’t going to do the Angry Black Woman Thing. but honey, its been just one hell of a week. To be truthful more than a week. We start with the assignment.

Year 9 History sheet, it covers the “making” of a nation. a brief piece on the conferences to make us a united nation the Federation.  No mention of Aboriginal people in this. Maybe we just took the day off?  Another brief bit about the Eureka Stockade, learning how the troopers treated the miners and how the mining licences cost a lot and claim jumping. No mention of Aboriginal people in this, nor any mention of the Chinese immigrants to came over and the racial violence they faced.

But let us move on the 1967 Referendum was mentioned. It completed our nation as we were all one happy big country, now. Flood gates opened and obviously all those laws that kept us out of towns and city and kept us from getting education. we just forgotten. No talk of Stolen generation no talk of forced removal of families into the missions we were now all happy and equal.  Now at this point of the task sheet I was wondering what was wrong with this teacher. Talked to my daughter she of course doesn’t want me to talk to him. I have a reputation of embarrassing my kids by going to schools and arguing a lot when the school, teacher, parent student is in the wrong. Its called standing up for your rights.

I turn the page of the task sheet there is a photo of Kanaka labour A group of South Sea Islander slaves two rows standing and sitting men and women. Behind them is the white overseer and in the back ground the cane fields. The task was three simple questions that had to be answered. look at the picture and write the pro’s for this e.g.. free food….. 2 was look at the picture and give the con’s e.g. long working. question 3 was how did this indentured labour help the kanaka people?


Well this mama went right off the handle at this point my son who has been through wonderful assignments and adventures at school shares this with me…

I want to meet this boys mum and shake her hand. Over the years my kids have been to trips historical places and children re-enact killing of Aboriginal people. or the living in the servitude of the white man. we have done our fair share of it.

But we maintain our pride and dignity and our humour in history week in the area we live in the shire was celebrating 100 years or something so the kids in my sons class had to come to school as something from that era and they were going to spend the day at the local museum with the slab hut. My beautiful son went of to school dressed in lap lap, paint, spear and clap sticks. The school had a bit of an issue with it but I of course handled it. He is proud of his heritage. He is proud of how his people survived and I was proud of him for his choice. None of the other Aboriginal Children came dressed traditional way. But that’s okay.

So what is the point of all of this it is racism it is subtle but its racism and if it is coming from a teacher, well it must be true? These little bits of misinformation or left out, half told stories cause problems.. Which leads to the next part of my story.

Iggy Azalea We have a white girl of privilege taking on the Hip hop world by storm. She isn’t really my cup of tea. I was impressed with her video of clueless. And that dear folks is exactly what she is – Clueless. I have heard her lauded as the new voice of Hip-hop and new way and the designers love her like they never loved the black hip hop artists. Nikki Minaj obviously doesn’t fit the bill and lil Kim…maybe she just too little?

Iggy seems to be a Gwen Stefani wannabe. Gwen tried to show us her  cred, she went multi racial in her videos and well she gets my vote for having Pharell. Been a big fan of his for years ( have heart-broken daughter who realised just recently his age. I have recording older than her).  But back to Iggy the girl from Mullumbimby. A place that is known for alternative people (hippy and ferals). She shows no respect for the traditional owners of the land and shows her utter ignorance of the people. He claims of the Government builds us houses and we knock them down. Well let me say that I wish the government would build me a house, but like everyone else I have to buy one. So she is perpetuating the myths and lies that Pauline Hanson used to get into parliament. That All black fullas are lazy good for nothing and we waiting for sitdown money. We take our beds outside to sleep under the stars. Okay my bed is too bloody big to pull out side to sleep under the stars. yes I like the stars and used to love going bush sleeping in the swag when was younger. but no we don’t do that. The most that happens in our house is mattresses get pulled in the lounge in summer so we all get air con. Oops is that unAboriginal of me Iggy?

So when Iggy tells her Azalians these things she is spreading racism, and not to mention stupidity. But really the damage it will cause. I just reinforces the stereotypes that are long gone.  I know many African-Americans are unhappy with her videos and say its racist when she is surrounded by Black child and being very sexual. Why has the African-American Community Allowed this? She is using them. She even refers to herself in one song as a runaway slave master. maybe she should be in the picture for my daughters assignment.

I think her stuff is racist and the video is shocking to me as a mother to have a child involved in it.  She thinks its alright to use the N word. Says its unfair the African-Americans can say it and white people can’t. Well sister bring that shit home here and try to call me an abo I and will kick your arse into next year.



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