Stolen Generation, maybe we did something wrong

So I am going to talk about stuff that really should be left to those angry black women and the intellectuals and radicals. the talk of the new Stolen Generation.

We worry that our kids are being taken away from us for no reason at all. Yes I can relate to that. I had the department come into my home with talk of talking away my daughters while I was sick as I couldn’t take care of them. I had this bright young thing hold my hand and tell me that she understood.  I don’t know how she could understand when I don’t. I was never taken away. Members of my family have been, but I wouldn’t know what it is like to be taken away or to have a child removed.

In former years the governments did it for our own protection, apparently. Lets not forget to help breed the white out of us, cultural genocide.  So where have we gone to since the report into the Stolen Generations? What has happened? The government has put money into counselling that this is great, that is really important.

But what about the actions of the parents? what have we done to change them and make homes a better and safer place for our children? We have children who have to be removed from their homes as it’s not a safe place. We have children who their parents are their greatest threat. So many jump up and down screaming at the government for taking away our children. But as far as I am concerned some of those kids are far better off.

You want our children to not be taken away, make the parents accountable, teach them how to be parents. Deal with the addictions, violence and the dysfunctionality. You want the children who have to be removed to be placed in Aboriginal families. That would be ideal that would be great. kinship caring would be the way to go.  Bu sometimes that doesn’t happen because, because family is too far away, family don’t want a bar of each other, or they are just to full and busy to take on a child or children. Next Step would be to have other families, we don’t have enough Aboriginal families signed up to be foster carers.

Are we just to busy? we talk about it takes a community to raise a child we talk about the white people taking away our kids. But where are we? not in the line to care for these kids. I have taken in kids who have been kicked out of home. I have picked up kids from hospitals whose mums can’t be bothered to get them. I have had kids on my doorstep brought home by my children because home is bad and they need a break. They need a feed or they just need to feel wanted and loved.

We have to have white families taking in our kids, we have to make sure the children are encouraged to be a part of their real family and the Community. So many white families have raised or cared for Aboriginal children with family or community involvement. I have known of a town that any murri kids in care were, with any other siblings they might have in that family welcomed into the play group and the culture programs.

I have a friend who has a son and daughter in law who have been taking care of a little murri baby since she was a baby, she is now 2. Mum is only 17 and on drugs. The department is readying the child to be returned to mum when mum turns 18. Baby’s family want her to stay with this family and support them talked to the department but it has been to no avail. We are dooming one beautiful little girl because some one is too scared of cultural backlash.

Can I say that as a child who has an Aboriginal mum and an Irish Da, they fostered kids and like a lot of families helped to raise family members the colour of your skin isn’t as important as the love you receive.

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An Aboriginal woman. mother of 4 diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour 7 years ago.I want to share my story to help others. I am working to help other Aboriginal people face the battles of Cancer. Email me with your stories or concerns at View all posts by proudblacksista

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