Too much work for too little pay

The return to work seems to be working on the outside. Centrelink is happy since they didn’t want me on disability. But gong back into work is so strange structures have changed people have changed and then we still have some old favourites and some that I would happily stab in the eye.

The pressure that you come under is unbelievable apart from trying to do a job and relearning the job you have to deal with hypersensitivity stupidity and any other idity you can think of. At first they kept saying you are not close the gap. so now I am close the gap.

Honestly the gap is widening the amount of programs that I used to run have all been cut we don’t have the money for it. we seem to be sitting at our desks more times than enough. We await a call from a doctor or client. Otherwise we await a practice liaison officer to contact us and tell us that a General Practice needs a bit of help around Close the Gap.

Now I can’t blame all of this stagnation to the government I have to say some of it is the organisation. Black fulla don’t matter unless they get their money. We also seemed to have a blockage with staff members not wanting to change. Okay you know what I mean they just blocked.

The white fulla he talk the talk but he certainly isn’t walking the walk. I don’t know what the hell he doing with his feet. I think it’s a quick two-step so that they can keep the money and use it to employ more stupid people. We have a former manage back as a consultant to work on relationships within the organisation. Lets all sit in a circle hold hands and sing Kumbaya. WE have come up with the idea that in groups we need little tables with stools that look like bongo drums and we have bean bags. Maybe the person who came up with that idea should have spoke to the ladies who put in a formal complaint about me for calling them young ladies.

Speak anything to do with Aboriginal issues you get told to shut up, if it’s not health we don’t want to know it. What happened to the holistic view of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health? We have been a big organisation that amalgamated for about three years they are still working on a RAP. When the smaller organisation I had originally came from it took us 6 months talking to all staff, and meeting local community members. But not making it a select few ( the select few get paid to attend meetings). It was everyone. But big business must keep the wheels turning we have to look good and keep some people around to give them a sense of purpose. plus it looks good for the next funding round.
But back to the bitching about returning to work. I was three half days, but was put on to five half days, because as far as the work place goes I have to get up quick to fill my contract and that makes Centrelink happy. the only people not happy about this is my doctor and me. I am at the end of the day sore and in pain. Stairs cause all sorts of problems and having to sit in on lots of stupid internal meetings is annoying I have luckily been out and about to the community during NAIDOC and that was great. Caught up with so many people and had to tell so many more that I don’t run programs anymore.
What are we doing? how can we be letting down our own mob and we have our own sitting high up who stop some of this. so what is this little black duck to do?
Basically I have to keep going, hope change will come as I can’t afford to leave the job I have too many medical bills to pay off.

As they say hi ho hi ho it’s of to work I go, I owe to much to give it up. I owe I owe I owe.

About proudblacksista

An Aboriginal woman. mother of 4 diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour 7 years ago.I want to share my story to help others. I am working to help other Aboriginal people face the battles of Cancer. Email me with your stories or concerns at View all posts by proudblacksista

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