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Just what does ACPA mean?

The Centre for Aboriginal Performing Arts (ACPA) was a place of pride and place many young Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students went to. My Eldest was accepted and decline to go to QUT because it had more of a script writing area, she then thought to go back to ACPA to learn from there then go on to NIDA.
MY 18 year old got accepted. she wanted ACPA and then to go off to NIDA. She heard how great it was. How Wesley Enoch ran things. That Leah Purcell was wonderful with the students. Studies were serious you did not slack off, wag of just show up and into interact. You didn’t show up on time you copped it.

Some may say this was a bit missionary, but I see it as a great way to run things. In the entertainment industry, you can’t afford to slack off, you can’t show up with a hang over you can’t be gammin about things. The White industry is looking at us any slip up and we are literally up a crocodile creek.

My daughter has so far this year had to put up with a male student who make inappropriate comments to females. he has had erections when being on stage near other students. This freaked out my girl who start then at 17 and having this 20 something male student make comments about women and how they dress and what he would do to them and have his hard on. She complaint to her acting coach who said something would be done. Well the behaviour continued and progressively got worse until my daughter doesn’t want to be in a group with him. ACPA completely ignored her complaints and failed to deal with them. They (being the staff) never spoke to her that they had dealt with it. but the actions continued. This one student hasn’t just upset her, his comments have affected other female students who seem to think that they are worth nothing and its not worthwhile to complain as nothing gets done. We are demoralising our young women, and dehumanising them. We are more or less telling them that they shuld just accept these comments that they are either a joke or maybe a compliment to them.

My daughter had reached the point of no return with the assistance of Aunty Flo Watson who is the Elder at ACPA she encouraged my girl to go to the police and to the Human Rights & Equal Opportunities with her complaint so finally something will be done about that.

But other things are very wrong at ACPA we have Aboriginal staff being sacked and White people being employed in their position. An Aboriginal Dance teacher was given his marching orders and he will be replaced by a non Aboriginal Ballet Dancer who has never taught or dealt with Aboriginal People. Aunty Flo was Elder in residence as well as being the Elder on the board. So she was told that she can’t be both and that her role was not to be there and talk to the students and help them. If not that what the hell is an Elder for? Do we put them on the trolley and pull them out of the odd event?

Students are not being graded anymore, there pass or fail goes by their attendance. How can an educational institution do that? surely that goes against the rules of training bodies?

Something is rotten in this place and we need to as a community get in there and demand the arts minister take a good look at the organisation

Eye See Deadly People….well soon

Under the cover of darkness, literally, I am writing this. I have finally had my second surgery for my eye. So I have my pirate patch on the eye. The eye didn’t really want to follow the guidelines.

The first eye, the right was my bad eye. I was losing the sight in that one really quick. It took months for the swelling to go down but I had the patch taken off and could see a bit. It was a beautiful vision. If you have had cataracts you know what I mean when you finally see colours again. The world isn’t on grey scale. I had cataracts because of the medications and the interactions and it all going to hell in a little row boat. But because it took so long to heal I had to wait forever for the next surgery.

I go into the surgery being a big brave bear, I had had the other eye done this was going to be a piece of cake. Had the drops they numb the eye and make things blurry. But this time they didn’t give me a local. I wanted that needle at the side of my eye so bad. Why? Because I am lying there quite calmly then I see a needle coming at my eye. I yell out what the shit! the Doctor calmed me down and the nurse. They didn’t want to take the risk so no needle at the side. Now I understood this was told this but no where in the explanation, did they mention that I would be able to see what was happening.

So much calmed down I then let them proceed. Once the bright light shone in my eye I couldn’t see anything. It was a bit of a drama and they had to change lenses while operating because something’s you just can’t be prepared for. I have one lense the is slightly different to the other, so I have to get used to seeing. So when my dressing is changed I have to sit in the eye clinic practicing to match up the two lenses.

So five days later I am still getting the dressing changed and I have to wear dark glasses to help with the protection and when they finally take the dressing off I Will be wearing for at least 6 weeks
cataract glasses


But it could be worse I could look like this

cataract girl

All in all I am so happy that I can see. at the moment its only out of one eye. But soon the other eye will be open and see again.