Invisiblity Cloak

Harry Potter had an invisibility cloak. It kept him safe so he could walk around Hogwarts. It could be used to hide his friends and the odd body or two.

I think someone at ACPA has one of these. A meeting had been called by the Elders who were concerned that a lot of Aboriginal Staff have been given their marching orders. The complaints of sexual harassment hadn’t been dealt with. It was an open meeting ACPA were not ignored they were welcome to come.

One person a current staff member stood up and said that he has never had to depend on the government dollar, no one paid him to go to school he said he studied at the finest universities in the world and paid for it all himself. Well I congratulate this fine young specimen, but his words are an insult to his students who are depend on Abstudy. These students also have to depend on VET or some such. They will walk away with a tertiary debt. But this teacher obviously doesn’t understand what it means to struggle. Maybe he played and saved up every cent and paid for each class as it came up, but I don’t think you can layby a degree. All hidden away under that cloak of invisibility.

This young man says he asked his female students if they have ever been harassed? He said they all said they haven’t been! Does the school allow the environment for students to freely talk of this? Lets put this under cloak.

Now watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat…This teacher says he asked this question then said he knew nothing of the allegations of sexual harassment made at the school. Why would he be asking his females students this if he didn’t know? He blamed it on the internet. He had read it somewhere.

All through the meeting people we keeping their cool they called no names except in relation to a position and what needs to be done. No one ran any one down that was made clear at the start of the meeting the only person to break that rule was the wonder Teacher with his invisibility cloak. He was malicious and nasty making personal attacks on two people there at the meeting. He cloaked it as fact! Blatantly said offensive comments. He accused one person of being responsible for a students suicide attempt and lack of confidentiality. Did he notice the young man run out of the meeting space crying? That was invisible to him.

Who noticed the students like my daughter who stood up and spoke of what is happening? The student Rep who read off a list of problems that management haven’t dealt with nor has the board.
The former student who said this was happening when she was there and she is disgusted to find it’s still happening she said that in her time that student left because of the harassment.


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