Black Diggers

I went to see the production of the Black Diggers, it was funny. Maybe a bit too funny for my liking, I was expecting something a bit more dramatic with that typical murri humour in it. The Actors were wonderful I think they did a great job and you know it just highlights how we were there.


A friend of mine Dale Kerwin has done a lot of research into the Aboriginal soldiers who fought for King and Country in the Boer War as well and the Great War. We are overlooked. The play really did show as a reminder that we were strangers in our own country. Those brave men fought for an idea a new hope and better tomorrow. Well we are still waiting for that new day.

The army at one point wouldn’t take in Aboriginal soldiers, officially, but then they did, they had strange rules for who could join and who could not. My Grandfather wasn’t allowed to enlist in the army. They told him he had too many children. Nothing wrong with that, except I have seen his file and it said he was too dark. My great uncle also tried but he was refused, he was a Kanaka man He was told he had too many children so no record of him, but I bet it had something to do with the colour of his skin. My Grandfather’s brother was of lighter skin and he was allowed to fight for his country ( oh and at the time he had more children than the other Uncle. I wonder how Uncle Harry felt returning to the same old same old when he came back to Urangan.

My grandad and my Uncle didn’t just sit around and do nothing they came down to Brisbane and worked on the rail lines. Again your colour isn’t an issue in some things. A lot of Aboriginal South Sea Islanders and Torres Strait Islanders did works on the railways to keep the war effort going. I wonder what it felt like to see things like his daughter pass all her tests to continue schooling past the standard years and be knocked back because she was Aboriginal. My mum wasn’t the only one who faced that. God forbid we should have smart darkies!

But lets move on We have sent our own over fighting wars to come home and not have much change. Change is a coming!!!!!! It is slowly at least now our diggers can drink in the same pub as their mates, their kids can go to school together

I have seen some young men who are enlisted they are going to fight again in a foreign county. I don’t want that. I don’t want that of non-Aboriginal boys either. What is the point of taking our men overseas and making them go to war. It takes away their youth their innocence their idealism. It burns their souls and really fucks them over.

I have seen some of the returned who have had it hard who suffer and will suffer until they die they will never see any rest. The government doesn’t do enough to help those that have returned. We have fundraising events the RSL do things but its our government our politicians who send them off. Make them pay completely for our returned service men. Let the politicians spend a day in a war zone then they might think twice about it.

I don’t care about the IS problem, hell the western lot started the trouble through history we have armed small groups to fight and then they turn against us and we go in and fight them. Why is this happening? I know extremists do exists both Christian and Moslem. But holy hell we are going to kill so many innocent people in the name of God.

I pray for our soldiers I pray for those in the Middle East. But most of all I pray for peace.


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