When a helping hand reaches out from the blue

I was talking to a friend the other day we were discussing being there and helping each other and helping others. We talked about how sometimes you are there you do so much and get nothing in return.

She said to me sometimes that kindness is repaid in unlooked for places. Well she was right. I am struggling at work being everything for everybody and never getting it right. I struggle with my family and I have the constant background issue of the brain tumour.

The next day two wonderful people I work with offered some stuff form my suitcase sale. One of my dear friends offed a monetary donation to help cover my bills to help give my kids a Christmas this year as opposed to the ratty Christmas they had last year.

It’s not that they look for a lot or expensive presents, last year I was so sick I couldn’t have the tree up or the decorations, my immunity was so low and my skin reacted to almost everything, that there was not decking the halls!

So unlooked for kindness is a beautiful thing I was so emotional and couldn’t believe my luck to have this coming my way. I have so many people who I have to thank who have helped me last year and this years. Friends, real friends from work last year and this year donating food to us. Financial donations to help with the constant medical bills. People holding fundraising events to help.

We would not have been able to keep our heads above water without the love and help of these people. I will name them all personally when I get their permission.

But the beauty and joy of humanity in its finest is when someone reaches out. They help close to home not in a far distant land. So many families need help, housing, food and accommodation. While so much food is wasted accommodation is vacant because it is out of the financial reach of many. Those little things that help. Little things to show that we are part of this one big family.

I am blessed to have had those hands reach out when I was having a bad week it made me emotional, it made me a bit shame to admit how bad things are with my medical needs. But most of all it made me feel loved and human.

Thank you


About proudblacksista

An Aboriginal woman. mother of 4 diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour 7 years ago.I want to share my story to help others. I am working to help other Aboriginal people face the battles of Cancer. Email me with your stories or concerns at aboriginalcancer.com View all posts by proudblacksista

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