Suit Case Sale

Well in an attempt to help raise money for Christmas, and can I say I have been blessed someone at work gave me a little something that was put straight in the present department. I won tickets to the movies at the break up party. Two wonderful women donated some things to my sale.

So off I toddle down to the local sale and of course the rain has affected it and we all had to be inside. Now I have been to these sales in the open on a Sunny day and they are great so that is why I decided to do it.

Alas for the weather it kept people away. I was down hearted about the lack of sales I sold some dresses to a great person I know. But it was slow people looked at my stuff and kind of meh. I had a lot of comments on how unusual it was and interesting but just not my thing. Other sellers suggested I should do the city because my jewellery would go really well there.

It wasn’t all bad, I chatted to a lot of nice people, picked up a lot of tips on what to do and how to do it and where to sell. My girls bought something’s from other vendors and that was okay, they gave us a discount, and I did the same with them. The comic dude was great he bought all of them and we chatted and then he gave me some collectables stickers for the girls, of their favourite marvel characters. I learnt a bit about weaving and some spinning.

I did make a profit which was good. Some sellers didn’t sell anything, but it was hard as a few of us said when the criteria is handmade and second-hand, vintage. Some people had some wonderful hand-made stuff others had things that you buy in the stalls in the middle of the shopping centres. That goes hard when people are selling what sticks to the criteria. I felt bad for some sellers as they sold nothing some didn’t cover the cost of the event. But I was blessed with my profit. I wasn’t a huge amount, but at least the day wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Thank you


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An Aboriginal woman. mother of 4 diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour 7 years ago.I want to share my story to help others. I am working to help other Aboriginal people face the battles of Cancer. Email me with your stories or concerns at View all posts by proudblacksista

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