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The End of an Era

So the time has come to bid adieu to my job. Last day. It went well I was overwhelmed by the love and support from other staff members. But now its time to face the future.

Time to look for new adventures, new trials and tribulations, facing an uncertain future. I will find a job soon. I believe there is a reason for everything and me going is a the reason to seek other opportunities.

Now I have to continue the search for a new job, I need to support my children and my medical bills. I also have to keep reminding everyone that my life is not over. I have Cancer, I am terminal, but isn’t everyone? each second brings us all closer to death.

So I will not curl up and die, I will work, and I will do more volunteering, which I must admit I had slackened off a bit while sick. But while this heart beats and this tired broken body can still get out of bed I will greet each day with love and blessings. Knowing that I have a purpose in this world, that purpose is to help and educate people.

I will continue to fight the good fight for Aboriginal equality and my Irish mouth will continue to decry the atrocities, they have befallen. They have similar histories, both affected by the English. So I keep my red black and yellow and my green white and gold. Hold my head up high and be the person I am meant to be.

Both sides of my family have felt the oppression and I want to preach, educate and stop it. I also want to do my bit, ever so small towards keeping mother earth healthy for my children and their children.

But this won’t get me a job the passion will and I will keep the passion going and pass it down to my children to keep fighting for what is right and what is moral and ethical.

Thank you.

Bogan Pride Day

It’s that time again, promoting “Australia Day” I call it as you have seen Bogan Pride Day. Around Australia day, white Australians tell my people to get over it…move on…forget the past. Yet at the same time it always comes out the Welfare bludgers, alcoholics, wife bashers, children abusers. The insults of Boong, Coon and other worse words get hurled at us.

You celebrate invading our country killing many of us, through warfare, which I might add doesn’t get taught in schools. Poisoned water holes and small pox infected blankets given to us. You tried really hard to get rid of us. I was in your laws, you tried to kill us off and breed out the colour. Well that didn’t work. We are still here, proud of our culture and our heritage. Proud of the fact that we have survived.

But this just isn’t about me. This is about the other races who also get abused at this time of year for not being “Australian”. It’s not to long ago that we had the Bondi riots. I know many people of other nationalities who just don’t get it. They don’t understand how they can be Australian and yet suddenly they are wogs, chinks, slope heads, terrorists etc. on this day.

I really think if you want to celebrate this nation, then go for another day. January the 1st and that would give us an extra holiday then. The anniversary of Federation. At least that’s a start. But to expect us to celebrate this day when we have different events around the country that are attended by Black White and Brindle, (which I might say have Bogan coming in to some events and start the name calling). We are entitled to commemorate, commiserate or celebrate our survival. We were not part of this nation for so many years.

Until the 1967 referendum we were under the “Flora and Fauna Act”. We were not allowed in schools and even in the 1970’s it wasn’t compulsory and it was up to the discretion of the Education departments if we were allowed in. We really didn’t get into the Universities until the 1980’s when they opened up their doors to us. We had children taken away, we had forcible removals of people. So what chance did we have.

We have really only had since the 1960’s to get anywhere and I think we are doing a good job.

But again I digress, This day sends shudders down my spine, because of the hatred out there that comes out in so-called pride. Many of my friends of different nationalities feel it too. They don’t celebrate they accept the holiday and get together with family and friends, see a movie do anything than go to the so-called Celebrations.

Through this week I have seen advertising for cheaper lamb! and cheaper beer for your Aussie Day celebrations. This translates to get pissed and throw up your b-b-q then get aggressive. Think I am being sarcastic? Well I have gone to friends places just to have as people drink then come up to me talking about my Identity, telling me that I speak to good or other shit that sets me apart from the Aborigines!!!!!! What the hell is that about. I have to stand there and listen to all their rubbish and the minute I fire back with facts then I get the whole crap of being a victim, or am a socialist or whatever they want to use to justify their own ignorance and not listen to the truth.

I worry about my kids I have a son who works security Last Bogan Pride Day, as the punters at a particular pub got more pissed some of them started to hurl abuse at him. His other mates working the shift took care of them. But this is what happens now.

There is no pride in Australia Day, how to bring it back? I don’t know, but I do remember when it was just the one long week-end and no one gave a shit. Going to New Farm park and seeing traditional dancing, Greeks, Italians, Chinese and Asians, along with fair-minded white Australians all having a good time. Then some where over the years it got twisted and perverted, into a I am a down trodden White person who gets less rights than all these others.

I will continue to ramble on, if I may? I freak out at the southern cross, the Aussie Swastika, I have been abuse by some guys a couple of years ago with these tattoos. Then I saw it again at the Bondi riot. How dare you take the Stars and claim them as your own. Use them as your right to supremacy. I am not alone in calling it the Aussie Swastika, as I have used it others have agreed and use the term as well. It’s hard to understand if you have never been abused or attacked over your race, colour, creed or sex. But if you have then you will understand what I am talking about.

So on this week-end if you are Celebrating Australia Day, just think about the other people out there who don’t and can’t. say a silent prayer for them that the hatred can leave.

Thank you

I am not yet washed up

I am still awaiting when I will leave my job. I was told last year that my workplace (they sent me to see a doctor) who said that I was unfit for duties. Well really! I could do the job I just can’t pack endless bags, and as for events I have managed to attend them.

But its a sign that the place doesn’t want me anymore. Their doctor after one visit says unfit for duties, and they can’t find me another position within the organisation.

My GP and all of my specialists disagree they say that I am perfectly capable of doing my job and all that needs to be done is to make some allowances.

So what do you do? Well I can tell you that Centrelink won’t put me back on disability as I have worked, so they say I am fit.

I feel fit I know my limitations and can do my job. Look without being egotistical I am good at what I do. I have the most knowledge in the group I work in and I have had more years. But that accounts for nothing.

As it is I won’t even be getting a decent pay out because I am redundant not the job. It will be interesting to watch the space and see what they fill the position with. I have a high feeling that it won’t be someone who does my kind of work.

But this organisation doesn’t want me and this is a good way to get rid of me, its been fairly clear from the start that I wasn’t really welcomed back. I am a problem I don’t play political games. I am blunt and to the point. Some take this as rudeness. Some people have complained about me, but I haven’t seen the paper work on their grievance, it’s all people came up and said. Well to me that’s a bit load of cods wallop.  Put your name behind your complaint otherwise it shouldn’t be taken seriously. It should be considered gossip.

I have every intention of finding another job because I am not washed up I have so much to offer and I have done training in many different courses to pass on knowledge. Information to help with sexual health, Domestic Violence, healthy lifestyles, and living on a budget.

I want to know when I finish, but at the same time I am happy for it to drag out so I can pay the bills, do the school fees and keep my med bills in check. So keep your fingers crossed that I will get a job. A job that will allow me to share what I know, a job that will allow me to help my people. A job that is fulfilling.

Post Script…I now have an end date. But no job. I guess what I really am getting at is if you are somewhere and they don’t want you-move on. I know plenty of people with Cancer who like me continue and can work. Now comes the Challenge of finding that job.

Thank you

The Cost of School

We are only just over Christmas and New Year and that is a real money drainer. Now its time to get ready for school, the buying of books paying the fees for the use of everything (so much for free education). If your lucky you don’t have to buy shoes, we are not so lucky a teenager seems to go through so many shoes.

So its books, computers, formal shoes, sports shoes, then the football boots, athletics shoes. New Uniforms and the endless run of socks.

When you break it down, we have around $500 for school fees. $400 for the laptop.

New uniform $40 for the skirt, $25 for the shirt. Sports short and shirt $85. Shoes well anywhere from $10 if we can get the right size on the sales, up to $150 for the sports ones.

Books well that’s going to be about $100.

school books

How do you pay for it all. I know, I should be more organised and put money aside for it. But I just don’t earn enough for that. I have paid the fees last year quarterly, but it just didn’t work because if you miss a payment the school cuts your internet rights or library rights etc.

I see on Facebook a lot of posts about “Have you got your school kids bonus yet?” or “Still waiting for the bonus so I can buy books”. It goes to show that so many people are doing it tough, I wish most schools had plain uniforms like you see in the advertisements of major chain stores, but no. Each school has to have its own uniform, socks hats, and  just about any and everything. So with some things you can’t go around bargain buying you have to buy it at the school, either new or second-hand.

Thus I am scrounging to pay the fees and the child will have to make do with some things until I can afford it. I hope that I still have a job during this month and a bit of the next month so that I can pay for it all. Oh well enough griping. Bring on the New School Year and I hope the teachers are prepared and trained enough. The older teachers are not tainted to take it out on the kids. Lets hope the kids behave themselves.I hope and know that mine will. She is too scared of her mothers wrath to muck up to much in school.

May the education system be standardised and may the children actually learn. It’s a worry when a news story tells you that a high proportion of teachers fail at basic grammar and spelling. Lets hope they brush up on that. Maybe they don’t need to, these days with so many schools using computers. God Bless spell check.

Thank you

How Do You Bare Your Soul

How do you go about talking about past happenings. Sometimes it can be a healing for the Soul and for those around you or part of it.

So many people keep the hurt hidden on the inside, they do so because they don’t want to upset the apple cart. Don’t want to hurt family members. Don’t want to deal with the denials from others. Can’t cope with the judgement of family and friends. It is a hard thing.

When you are a parent it’s hard to talk about issues because you don’t want to upset not just the family but your children. You want to protect them from the horrors that are out there. I am not talking terrorists, I am talking violence and sexual abuse within a family unit, or extended family.

How do you raise it? Who do you talk to? I pose this question because as time draws near you have to release and heal. You have to talk about these issues before it is too late. I have recently been caught in the middle of a family issue and it hurt me. It was almost like I had to pick sides. Do you wait for someone to pass then speak up? Do you keep it a secret within a few?

As I face my own mortality, I will have to tell my children some unpalatable truths. This will hurt and harm them but they need to know.  I will pick the way and the how it will happen but I do know it needs to happen for their sakes as well as mine.

The hurting will go away, the pain will ease but it’s better to be upfront in a way to talk about these issues and not hide them. Healing needs to start with yourself, your soul. Better for family to hear it from you, rather than innuendo and gossip within the family or community.

Our Souls are powerful, they hold so much and they can heal. They are just as important to us as breathing. The Soul is a beautiful thing and needs to be regarded and protected. Sometimes that means talking about issues, that you wouldn’t normally want to talk about.


We all know the news that Abbott wants to charge the $7 co-payment. This will affect so many Australians, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the poor, Pensioners, disabled and young families with kids.This also put the General practices in an awkward place, they don’t want to go broke, but some practices only charge the medicare allowance and bulk bill. These practices will go out of business as they have a heart and understand their communities needs. This also will greatly affect the rural and remote doctors who see patients and waive the bill or bulk bill because the farming community can’t afford expensive medical care.

The next step was that the Government tried to slip in their co payment in another way. Under the new co-payment schedule, rebates for GP consultations lasting less than 10 minutes would be reduced. This again outraged the medical community. Is the government so far removed from everyday Australians to not see or care about the impact this is going to have.

Let me share with you one news story about this, from the ABC.

Changes to Medicare billing to cause rise to GP fees, Australian Medical Association says

Updated Thu at 11:33amThu 8 Jan 2015, 11:33am

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has warned of a rise in medical fees due to new changes to the Medicare benefits schedule coming into effect on January 19.

The Federal Government scrapped its plan for a $7 Medicare co-payment before Christmas, but AMA national president Associate Professor Brian Owler said new changes had outraged general practitioners.

Under the new co-payment schedule, rebates for GP consultations lasting less than 10 minutes would be reduced.

“This has angered GPs more than any of the other proposals, even more than the initial proposal,” Dr Owler said in an interview on 666 ABC Canberra Breakfast.

Dr Owler said changes would have patients paying more out-of-pocket funds for medical expenses.

“Up until now, the consultation fee has been based on the complexity of the consultation,” he said.

“A level A consultation was a simple matter, while a level B required a history exam and a diagnosis and a treatment, usually. Now they’ve moved to a time-based system,” Dr Owler said.

Access to general practitioners could become limited: Owler

Dr Owler warned access to GPs could become even more limited, with healthcare professionals forced to lengthen consultation times to compensate for the new measures.

“We’re not trying to support six-minute medicine with every patient being churned through. That’s not a model that we can support.

From January 19, 2015 consultations will be classified according to time:

  • level A consultation rebate (less than 10 minutes) – $16.95
  • level B rebate (10-20 mins) – $37.05
  • level C rebate (20 to 40 mins) – $71.70
  • level D rebate (more than 40 mins) – $105.55

Source: Australian Medical Association

“There are many experienced GPs who have been doing this work for 20 years, and in eight or nine minutes they can take a history, formulate a treatment plan, and explain to the patient that treatment,” he said.

Doctors would need to stretch out the consultation if they wanted to claim a higher rebate or pass the cost on to patients.

“Even if they can do [what needs to be done] in eight or nine minutes … now they’re going to have to stretch it out, which means it’s a very inefficient way of seeing patients,” Dr Owler said.

“If they try and stretch the consultation out and do more and more things, it just lessens the access to GPs.”

Dr Owler said doctors’ ability to bulk bill would also be reduced.

“At the end of the day, many GPs are now working out that the impact that it will have in terms of them being able to cover the costs of running their practice is very substantial and they’ve got no choice but to pass that on to patients,” he said.

“The rates of bulk billing for vulnerable patients are likely to decrease and they are going to be paying a lot more out of their own pocket.”

Other measures included a reduction of the Medicare benefit by $5 for GP services provided to non-concessional patients.

“From July 1, for the non-concession patients, the rebate will actually fall by a further $5, so instead of being $37.05 it will be reduced for those consultations less than 10 minutes to $11.05.

Dr Owler said the new schedule would allow the Federal Government to recoup some of the revenue it would have received from a Medicare co-payment.

“This isn’t about general practice, nor prevention and chronic disease management,” he said.

“What it’s about is saving money and making the bottom line of the budget look better.”

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First posted Wed at 3:24pmWed 7 Jan 2015, 3:24pm

So what can we do? Well we raise our voices in protest, a single voice is not enough a lot of voices make a choir. So lets sing and yell, lets be loud and proud and force the government to change their tactics.

I have attached below a petition feel free to share it and join it, lets make a difference

 There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it:

The Hon. Sussan Ley: Quit targeting general practice and the health of all Australians

By Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

From 19 January 2015, patient rebates from Medicare will be CUT by up to $25, meaning patients will pay more. Both patients and GPs have been unfairly targeted under the Government’s revised co-payment model.

GPs are vital to the health and wellbeing of every Australian. Don’t let yours be targeted.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) represents over 28,500 GPs working in or towards a career in general practice. The RACGP has been vocal with Government but it is falling on deaf ears. They haven’t listened to us but perhaps they will listen to you.

By uniting GPs and patients, we stand a stronger chance of having our voices heard by a Government that has continually chosen to ignore the general practice profession, Australian community, and international evidence.

Stand up and show the Government that your health, that of your families, and a viable healthcare system matters most.

When you know its time to go

Among all the drama of me leaving my job, I haven’t really explained my side of things.

My first inkling that something was up apart from a complaint that was frivolous and ridiculous. A complaint made because someone was cranky that they didn’t like that I had mentioned them in a complaint. Petty really and it should have been treated as such.

I was having a smoke, I had only started smoking after an incident at work where a male employee verbally abused me and I didn’t get any support from up on high.

So there I was, smoking from stress, I go to a place where there is a Crow nest in the tree. My mother was a crow. My youngest daughter is a crow, too I might add.

I always feel safe there, the crows watch over me and talk to me.

So this particular day I was smoking when out of the crow’s nest dropped down a Lorikeet carcass. This sent a shiver up my spine. I am a Lorikeet.

My first thought was that I have to get out of this place something bad is going to happen. I then walked back into the office the day seemed to drag on and nothing happened. So I started to think well maybe this means something is up with my daughter and that something is going to happen.

When I came home from work, nothing! she was fine nothing happened with her, apart from the usual teenage dramas over the week-end.

Then Monday and that feeling of dread again, So yep I listened to the voice within me and knew that it was time for me to get out of there. It appeared to me that my work was of the same opinion. They wanted me out of there, by any means possible. Either the complaint, which I had union and a friends help with. But then they gave me the whammy of their Doctor who on one visit deemed me unfit for duties. The organisation couldn’t find me another suitable role within.

I didn’t care about the legal action I could take, I had advise from the union, Disability and the Cancer council. They all said with a few modifications I could continue. The one doctor disagreed with my GP, my endocrinologist, Vascular specialist and my neurologist and oncologist oh and almost forgot the musculoskeletal specialist.

They tell me that with their doctor’s letter I can go on disability. I had to tell them that no, that’s not how it works. I have been working for the past 8 months and have had the all clear, so one doctor saying that I am unfit for duties, means nothing to Centrelink. All they see is a woman who while ill can function and work.

But the writing was on the wall, they didn’t want me and I was at the point of not wanting them.

I only want a proper package when I leave because they are basically sacking me.

But I am not giving up as you know. I am not ready to curl up and die. I will get another job, I will get more involved in organisations and do more with my church.

One of the funny thing is that when I tell people of the Crow incident, so many agree its a sign. People who would normally say they don’t believe in signs, say they got a shiver when I tell them and explain the relationship of the animals to us (as Aboriginal people). My good friends and family all agree it was a warning from my mum. I believe in spirituality. I don’t see any contradiction in being a Catholic and following my beliefs handed down to me by my mother and Aunties. Often the beliefs and stories are similar to the Irish side. We all believe in life after death. We all believe our ancestors look over us and protect us. We all believe in spirits and Sacred Sites.

So all in all I am saying the reason I am going and not causing a whoha is that I was given a sign.

Let me add a bit more to this story as this just popped into my mind. When we were kids and we moved down to the Bayside region, my parents were looking at houses to buy. Well they looked at quiet a few. One house it seemed like they were going to get. to me it sounded like a dream two-story, garage and playroom (what a concept) down stairs built-in wardrobes. But they went to see one more house. this house as they inspected it. Wooden, fibro interior, Toilet and Laundry almost outside, connected with a built-in verandah to make it join up. Everything I didn’t want. But one thing it had…A bloody big carpet snake out in the laundry. As the story goes the real estate guy almost had a heart attack. He didn’t know how it got in the house, as it wall all locked up. Also he had been there in the morning to show another family. As he tried to usher my parents away, (he must have been thinking he had lost the sale) my mother said we’ll buy it. My Da, didn’t bat an eye lid. He said he knew an unwinnable argument when he saw one and that was it. We are Wakka Wakka people. Carpet snake Wakka Wakka, and very proud of it. He knew that it was a sign that we had to have that house and not the house of my dreams!

So we all packed up and moved into that house and every time I rode to school going past the house that I wanted, I always felt let down. Why did the bloody snake have to be in our house, why didn’t he come to the house that I wanted. But you can’t argue with signs. They are there for a reason. and I don’t know the reason. I just know that, that house was full of love and kids, ours and strays. The door was always open. and it became home.


The Cairns Funeral

Politicians trying to cash in on any tragedy is sickening. To know that the Prime Minister and the Premier are going to be at the service for the poor innocent babies in Cairns, makes be sick to my heart.

They are there to show that they care. They are there to show that they are interested in families, they are there to show they care about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This is Bullshit.

They don’t care, if they cared this incident, this tragedy would not have happened. We would have had more services for families, especially families in crisis. We would have had support for the family. We would have better funding and ideas in regards to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

They are there to put their white faces in the media. The families are all going through hell. Trying to work out what happened.

Why did a woman who was well known and well-loved allowed to reach the point of no return. The families of the Children are trying to come to grips with this. Maybe the fathers and their families could have done more. The woman’s family have the same thoughts what happened what went wrong why she did this.

So while we are all grieving the media will be there, and the white politicians will be there. They won’t be standing outside quietly. No they will have to sit up front and centre to make their presence known.

They won’t be helping anyone. They haven’t done anything on the personal level to help the families. They have just stood up and talked about how sad it is.

They will probably talk later when the mother is well, they will talk about being hard on criminals, but this woman is not a criminal. She is a woman pushed to the edge and she toppled over it. No safety net for her. She is already going through her own personal hell. Bullying her legally will only add to her problems.

Where were the services when she was an abused woman? Where was the help when she was raising children alone, still looking for the one love of her life. Stuck with all those children who the fathers were not always good dads.

But let’s forget that and make sure we have a good photo opportunity for the politicians.



The Other Side

So when I was ill last year and was rushed to hospital, I asked the nurse after the first 12 hours, (I think) If I had actually died, and said I think I passed over 3 times. She said yes we revived you 7 times, that’s not counting in the Ambulance and when you were in the first hospital. Now I have the marks from the defibrillator. I still carry them to this day, they show no respect for your susu’s with these things. Oh the loss of beautiful tits gone down the drain

Let me tell you of what I recall.

I was falling and landed in, don’t laugh now, what seemed like tomb raider and the crumbling floors and having to jump from brick to brick to get to the door and Bratz (yeah you can laugh) there with me helping me. Then the voice of my son and my niece calling me and me being lifted out of there.

The next one I remember, was seeing my niece fussing over he new born baby son, and saying he was a big shame. all covered in poo and vomit, and cleaning him up. I came back and then laughed and nearly passed out literally because I didn’t have the lung capacity. Why the laughter? Well I was covered in poo and vomit from the constant being revived and just being wiped down, as I was too ill and constantly passing out from lack of oxygen or yolo-ing it.

The last one I remember I was standing on the side of a river, it was beautiful the fields around me and on the other side of the river, flowers in the fields and the river flowing beautifully and peacefully by me. The water so clear that I could see the stones and sand on the bottom of the river.

I am sure I had other visions or travels the other times I died but these are the ones that I remember. I remember them so vividly, they are true. They are real. I believe their is something when our bodies go. I believe their is a place for our spirits to go. Heaven or hell, Nirvana, after life or reincarnation. I believe life is just one step on the journey of our souls.

I bear this now as I am finally able to share this. Until now, only my son and niece.

Do you really have to?

So like it wasn’t bad enough in the shops before Christmas. But what gives afterwards. I avoided the shops like the plague until now so I ventured out. I went off to see the Hobbit. I got there early to make sure I could find a park and to deal with the lines in the cinema. But no lines! So I go into the cinema, sit myself down and get ready for an enjoyable time.

There were about 6 of us there. I thought this is good, no kids, no teenagers, no eejits. But alas t’was not to be. I mother walks in with her five kids in tow the oldest would have been about ten so they ranged from that down wards to the youngest looking like a pre-schooler. She settles them down, gives them their popcorn, lollies, ice-creams, mind you this if for a 10 am screening. Then she goes off, and says when its finished just wait in the waiting area.

Who does that? really, did she need a babysitter and chose the hobbit because it was a three hour movie? The kids wouldn’t have understood properly what the thing is about. I bet they had never laid eyes on a Tolkien novel in their entire lives. But what the hell.

So the theatre fills up in the last few minutes before the movie, not completely full, but enough that I wanted to tell them all to get out of the place and not ruin my experience. The Teenage girls in front of me giggled at every ad. The couple to the side of me ignored the telephone ad and had theirs on, yes even vibrate, and looking at your bloody phone is distracting to others around you. Grow up and get some manners.

If you go to see a movie, please show courtesy to others; no phones, no talking, no throwing things, and especially don’t leave your kids by themselves, or pick a more appropriate movie for them.

I know I sound like a cranky old bitch, but that’s because I am.

I have taught my kids to be quiet in a movie, turn off your phone, don’t put your feet up on the seat and don’t throw things around. Oh and also would it kill you to stay back and watch the credits to see who put the movie together. In some cases, you miss really good teasers. But other wise a bit of respect for those on the other side of the camera who make the magic happen.

Thank you