Do you really have to?

So like it wasn’t bad enough in the shops before Christmas. But what gives afterwards. I avoided the shops like the plague until now so I ventured out. I went off to see the Hobbit. I got there early to make sure I could find a park and to deal with the lines in the cinema. But no lines! So I go into the cinema, sit myself down and get ready for an enjoyable time.

There were about 6 of us there. I thought this is good, no kids, no teenagers, no eejits. But alas t’was not to be. I mother walks in with her five kids in tow the oldest would have been about ten so they ranged from that down wards to the youngest looking like a pre-schooler. She settles them down, gives them their popcorn, lollies, ice-creams, mind you this if for a 10 am screening. Then she goes off, and says when its finished just wait in the waiting area.

Who does that? really, did she need a babysitter and chose the hobbit because it was a three hour movie? The kids wouldn’t have understood properly what the thing is about. I bet they had never laid eyes on a Tolkien novel in their entire lives. But what the hell.

So the theatre fills up in the last few minutes before the movie, not completely full, but enough that I wanted to tell them all to get out of the place and not ruin my experience. The Teenage girls in front of me giggled at every ad. The couple to the side of me ignored the telephone ad and had theirs on, yes even vibrate, and looking at your bloody phone is distracting to others around you. Grow up and get some manners.

If you go to see a movie, please show courtesy to others; no phones, no talking, no throwing things, and especially don’t leave your kids by themselves, or pick a more appropriate movie for them.

I know I sound like a cranky old bitch, but that’s because I am.

I have taught my kids to be quiet in a movie, turn off your phone, don’t put your feet up on the seat and don’t throw things around. Oh and also would it kill you to stay back and watch the credits to see who put the movie together. In some cases, you miss really good teasers. But other wise a bit of respect for those on the other side of the camera who make the magic happen.

Thank you




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