The Cost of School

We are only just over Christmas and New Year and that is a real money drainer. Now its time to get ready for school, the buying of books paying the fees for the use of everything (so much for free education). If your lucky you don’t have to buy shoes, we are not so lucky a teenager seems to go through so many shoes.

So its books, computers, formal shoes, sports shoes, then the football boots, athletics shoes. New Uniforms and the endless run of socks.

When you break it down, we have around $500 for school fees. $400 for the laptop.

New uniform $40 for the skirt, $25 for the shirt. Sports short and shirt $85. Shoes well anywhere from $10 if we can get the right size on the sales, up to $150 for the sports ones.

Books well that’s going to be about $100.

school books

How do you pay for it all. I know, I should be more organised and put money aside for it. But I just don’t earn enough for that. I have paid the fees last year quarterly, but it just didn’t work because if you miss a payment the school cuts your internet rights or library rights etc.

I see on Facebook a lot of posts about “Have you got your school kids bonus yet?” or “Still waiting for the bonus so I can buy books”. It goes to show that so many people are doing it tough, I wish most schools had plain uniforms like you see in the advertisements of major chain stores, but no. Each school has to have its own uniform, socks hats, and  just about any and everything. So with some things you can’t go around bargain buying you have to buy it at the school, either new or second-hand.

Thus I am scrounging to pay the fees and the child will have to make do with some things until I can afford it. I hope that I still have a job during this month and a bit of the next month so that I can pay for it all. Oh well enough griping. Bring on the New School Year and I hope the teachers are prepared and trained enough. The older teachers are not tainted to take it out on the kids. Lets hope the kids behave themselves.I hope and know that mine will. She is too scared of her mothers wrath to muck up to much in school.

May the education system be standardised and may the children actually learn. It’s a worry when a news story tells you that a high proportion of teachers fail at basic grammar and spelling. Lets hope they brush up on that. Maybe they don’t need to, these days with so many schools using computers. God Bless spell check.

Thank you


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