Translink is missing a link

so one thing I want the new government in Queensland to do is to look at Translink, I am sure it’s not high on their priority list but it needs to be addressed. Its disgraceful the lack of disability access on trains and buses.  Not all stations have ramps, and so if you have a wheel chair or walker well you are well and truly buggered. the steps on some are so hard that I cannot manage them and with some stations the elevators always seem to be broken.

Buses. well when the whole translink thing came in, it helped the Brisbane city people but screwed over those from Logan and the Redlands. I know people who are on a bus for over 2 hours. Out my way we used to pick up until Carindale then it was only set down. Now we get off a bus at Carindale and have to wait for another bus, so this is annoying but for some they have already had to catch two buses to get this far. Then its hit and miss as to if you can get on a bus and be buggered with the disability seating, it’s always full and mums and prams? well forget it. no room and no idea.

Out our way it can take four buses to get to where you want to get to and they try to promote it and okay its better for the environment to catch a bus. but I cannot do it. I can’t change two times and then have people get off and on at every stop, this means I have to catch a bus way too early to make up for this.

So let’s go back to the days where their were more direct buses to and from the Redlands and Logan. It’s unfair to us to be on buses for so long, yet we are not that far from the city. It’s not fair to the disabled when we have to stand or are pushed aside as there is no room and no common courtesy.

I have a daughter who when she finishes studies late at night can take up to two hours for her to get home this is unsafe for a teenage girl to have to walk  down to the Gabba and wait for a bus, then wait at Carindale for another and due to the lateness she has to then have a long walk home. In the days before translink we had buses come closer to our home but they were cut, not profitable. but what is safety worth?

And as I said earlier the main beneficiaries of the changes are those who live in the Brisbane City area.

Thank You

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