Heartbreaking reality Check on Cancer

tumour. I had to take care of her. My dad took off the minute my mum became sick. So I was the oldest and I have two little sisters.

My mum was treated with drugs for a while and that seemed to work. Things were going along okay. We were told my mum had about 20 years as she had a low grade blastoma? I am not sure of the proper medical terms.

Then she started to get sick, she was having big head aches and couldn’t function for days on end. This was a problem because she was losing time at work and the migraine medication she had to take at these times cost a lot but we got through it.

Then the headaches were getting closer and closer, she was sacked from her job and we had to go to Centrelink. Centrelink wouldn’t put her on a disability allowance they only put her on sickness benefits.

Then they decided to try some treatments on her, the first lot didn’t work, she was worse and sick she was putting on weight but not eating anything. It was radiotherapy. I didn’t really understand it or how it worked. But mum spent ages in and out of hospital. I couldn’t get to school on time and missed a lot because I had to get my sisters to and from school. This meant catching a bus to take them to school and then catching another bus to get me to school. Our schools were in two different directions.

Then they tried Chemo on my mum, she was a wreck we had no way to get her to her appointments half the time and to use lands we had to pay and they didn’t always show up on time, then mum would get in trouble for not being at her appoinments on time and be dropped back on the list. When she came home she was so tired and sick. She couldn’t eat. And at times when she wanted to eat we didn’t have what she was craving for. We had empty cupboards not much choice of food.

We got behind in rent and my father wouldn’t help so we were looking at getting evicted. I was wild, my mum had done nothing wrong. She always helped people and said Karma, well where the fuck was Karma when she was sick. I didn’t know what to do.

We were scared that if we asked for help the department would take us kids away, and who would look after mum? I got into so much trouble at school for not attending and they didn’t gie a shit when I talked to the counsellor about how sick my mum was and that we needed help.

I had to make a decision, I dropped out of school worked partime at a restruarant and sold some of my mums drugs to get the money to pay bills. Some of her drugs could get me $50 for one.

Mum didn’t know what I was doing. She would have told me to stop it. But some one had to do something to keep us together.

I then started to drive mum to her appoinments, she was so sick and confused that she believed me when I said that at TAFE I did my drivers licence. We never got caught, but we couldn’t depend on anyone to help us.

My nan was useless she would go to the hospital and cry and hug us and cry then go back to Inala and go to the pokies. I do love my nan but I think she and other family members should have been there with us.

So I kept this up for about a year. Mum started to recover, but was still unable to do things. She was always at home her immunity couldn’t be compromised. So I was still making the money and paying the bills. Getting my sisters to and from school as I got more game with driving I allowed them to join sports they did basketball. I drove them to and from. I think it did them good to be around normal people and not just school and sickness.

I love my mum and I love my sisters and that’s why I did what I did.



About proudblacksista

An Aboriginal woman. mother of 4 diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour 7 years ago.I want to share my story to help others. I am working to help other Aboriginal people face the battles of Cancer. Email me with your stories or concerns at aboriginalcancer.com View all posts by proudblacksista

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