New Cancer

Just when I think all is getting better, my health is getting good, my mobility is excellent, my sight is great. I get knocked down again with the news of another cancer.

I had what was first diagnosed as a bone island in my jaw. Now the recent tests have shown that it is cancer. I have a  squamous cell carcinoma. What does this mean? Lets borrow from Dr Google to explain:

The most common tumor of the mandible and maxilla is squamous cell carcinoma invading the bone through dental sockets. These can involve any portion of the intraoral mandible or maxilla. Ameloblastoma, the most common epithelial odontogenic tumor, usually arises in the posterior mandible.

Now this would be alright if they had at first diagnosed it properly instead of saying it was a bone island. Also if I hadn’t been termed Terminal and had a lot of tests stopped they would have probably discovered it sooner. Instead I was told bone Island, nothing to worry about and then two years down the track get told that it’s a cancer.

So now the windmill turns again, and I have to go through it all again. Well actually I don’t they tell me that they have a good chance of cutting it out and then all will be hunky dory, and I will only have my old friend the Brain Tumour to worry about. Don’t you just love modern medicine!

So this official diagnosis

Osteosarcoma of the Jaw and Skull
Osteosarcoma of the craniofacial bones are relatively rare and represent less than 10% of all osteosarcomas. They typically occur in patients between the ages of 20 and 40 and have the same occurrence rate between males and females. The bones most commonly affected are the mandible (jaw bone) and the maxilla (cheek bone). Because they are located in the head and neck, they tend to be diagnosed earlier and can remain localized for longer periods of time; however, they are more difficult to remove surgically and therefore local recurrence is common.

Treatment of malignant osteosarcoma in the skull bones is similar of classic osteosarcoma. It should include preoperative chemotherapy. This is extremely important due to the limited margins available for surgical excision.

I know that I am not going to die from this, but really its just another burden on my body, my purse, my mental health and especially my children. We have just spent a few days together to get their heads around it and the whole surgery round about.

But lets not be down. Okay so this will mean that maybe I have to talk less, this would please my children and it will mean that I will have to really study, as I won’t be able to talk. Not looking forward to losing teeth, I like my teeth, they help me chew, talk and smile. But its a small price to pay and they tell me that I won’t lose all my teeth and that I can have false teeth. Just what I want, a set of teeth looking at me from the glass on my bedside table!

Oh well at least I will be able to do some of the tricks my Da did when I was a kid when he would push his teeth out and make them chomp!

I hope that you all take care of your selves and remember get everything checked out.

Thank you

About proudblacksista

An Aboriginal woman. mother of 4 diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour 7 years ago.I want to share my story to help others. I am working to help other Aboriginal people face the battles of Cancer. Email me with your stories or concerns at View all posts by proudblacksista

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