more crap on bowel cancer

I posted to events or meetings to discuss the promotion of bowel cancer. I was not alone in finding the kit that is sent out to you uninformative and not understanding of the realities of life. I mean who sends out a kit that has two strips of paper that sit in the bowl and then you poo, collect some, put it in a zip lock bag and place it in your fridge then do it again in a few days. After which you send it off.

At this talk the common complaints were that the paper sinks and what happens then? The poo should be in a toxic bag all yellow so it’s not sitting in the fridge for anyone to see or even little kids to see it and possibly think you have a stash of chocolate. No gloves in the kit, so yick you have to collect it bare handed.

As a group everyone thought it best to have a couple of extra sheets in the pack for sinkage or something going wrong. They need to be big enough if you are using  a self composting toilet, so it can hang down. Gloves a definite must in the kit, and yes having a toxic bag to put the sample in so that it’s not just sitting in your fridge.

Better instructions would be greatly appreciated. But also a bit more information as to why this is needed to check on cancer. Did you know that you can do the same test with your doctor and you only have to give one stool sample? So why not make it something like a pap smear where you do it at your doctor? Why not have it that the samples you send you can instead deposit at a pathology or at the doctors. Why not even give you two return post packs and send sample as it happens so that it’s not in the fridge.

Not every one has room in their fridge, if you are in a small unit or caravan you don’t have room to clear a shelf to hold it. What do you do if you don’t have a fridge? Well the advise is to keep it in a cool dark place, that to me just leaves the door open for flies getting into it and maggots.

Yes it is important to find out if people have bowel or correctol cancer, this is done in a way that really doesn’t make you want to do it. Maybe the government should do a bit of a campaign to show how important it is and to modify the kit. This would I think increase people screening and sharing the information.

I will end off with a wonderful jingle from Scotland





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