Help Dr Adams with research on Indigenous men in cancer treatment

Hello everyone, please see the research study message below from Dr Mick Adams. Also, please pass this message onto your networks, colleagues, family and friends whom you think might be interested in responding to and possibly joining this study. All enquiries in response should be made to Dr Mick Adams, Ph: +61 8 9370 6875; Mobile: +61 409646952 and e-mail:

Subject: A community-based mixed methods exploration identifying barriers to engaging Indigenous males in cancer treatment and supportive care

I am wondering if you could assist Dr Mick Adams with a cancer research study titled: A community-based mixed methods exploration identifying barriers to engaging Indigenous males in cancer treatment and supportive care.

The research study will investigate ways of improving cancer awareness and outcomes for males with cancer. The information collected will help us to better understand ways of the approaches used, what resources are available and the barriers to access available cancer consultation and treatment processes and support systems.

While this project is aimed at specifically identifying barriers to engaging Indigenous males in cancer treatment, I believe, however, that in order for me to develop a comprehensive understanding regarding issues impacting upon engaging with cancer related services, I would need to investigate the following issues amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous males:

1.       General perceptions of health and wellbeing including reasons for engagement or lack of engagement with health services generally.

2.       Knowledge and perceptions regarding cancer, attitudes towards participation in screening and/or preventative activities or programs.

3.       Experiences with regard to cancer, incorporating a focus on treatment experiences, including barriers potentially impeding access to treatment

4.       Other experiences pertaining to the cancer journey, including interaction with family members, and access to supportive care services

5.       Recommendations for intervention with regard to improving cancer awareness and outcomes for others within respective Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

I am intending (and hoping) to recruit a range of Indigenous and non-Indigenous cancer survivors (varying in age, socio-economic background, location (rural, remote, metropolitan) to participate in focus group discussions and interviews and completion of the attached questionnaire.

I am very much aware that there are instances where men may not want to directly talk to me or about their experiences but  I would be happy (if willing) for them to complete the questionnaire and mail it back to me.

I would be available to come and talk with you and potential participants and would very much appreciate any assistance you are able to provide.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Best regards.


Dr Mick Adams

Senior Research Fellow

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
Building 15, Room 320

Edith Cowan University
2 Bradford Street
Mt Lawley WA 6050

Ph: +61 8 9370 6875; Fax: +61 8 9370 6022

Mobile: +61 409646952

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