Monthly Archives: July 2019

Time Flies

It’s been a while and I’m still muddling along. I’m not allowed to drive. I’m not allowed to go anywhere without a responsible adult and the never ending struggle for rent is getting me no where.

I regularly end up in arrears because I have huge med bills to pay, the never ending bills of my life. I try to keep positive and remind myself the medication is what has kept me alive to enjoy the over due electricity or phone.

It’s hard to see the rich people pretending they have it hard. Or the prime minister who might be a christian, but is definitely not a good or moral man. If he was he would be doing more for the poor, rather than lining the pockets of the rich.

I put my first application for housing commission in 9 years ago, when I had three kids still in school, I was very high need. But now I’m just a high need. I have a feeling that nothing is going to be done until I am living in my car, and that really isn’t too far away.

Too many people need a safe home, yet there aren’t enough homes. Far too many people are struggling with bad health and not enough help out there for them. What kind of country is this when women leave a DV situation and have no where safe. Families are homeless and feeling lost.

I’m dying and I guess I will at least be safe and secure in my urn after I pass. I have a daughter who Centrelink stopped giving her youth allowance last year, and no matter how many times we have gone down to them, nothing changes. I had my disability cut off for ages around Christmas, but they never give back pay when they stuff up.

So I sit here and write of my frustration of not having enough money to pay the bills. Sure I could cut down, but what? we very rarely have a heater going and no air con in summer. We don’t have Foxtel or anything fancy like that. We buy only on special and home brand, and often use Foodlink.  I have a phone on a plan, if I use up the data or call credit, I have to suck it up. My washing machine has been broken for ages and I continue to use it, as I have no choice. I stand with it every time it does a spin cycle and have to stop it, or it fills up endlessly with water.

I guess I will have to go back to not getting medication or seeing some of the specialists. It’s not really worthwhile living if you can’t do anything but worry and stress and cry about the bills you can’t pay.