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My Pop

Sharing your stories…


I went to visit my pop in the local hospital he had been in because he has the cancer in him. He was lying in his bed looking real sad and I knew something was up. I asked him if he was alright, he said he was but that he was a bit sad. I thought he was sad at being in hospital and not at home with nana. I had a chuckled and told him it won’t be long til he’s back at home in his garden and anyway nana was visiting him that night. He looked at me and held my hand and said babygirl I hope you never have to be in a hospital like this. Iasked him what was wrong, he told me that he had been laughed at for not quite making it to the toilet. I told him never mind the other patients, he told me that it was a hospital worker a man who laughed at my pop and asked my pop if boongs stoped drinking would that stop them from pissing on themselves.  I cried and hugged my pop, I told him I don’t want to hear anymore. I pressed the buzzer and spoke to the nurse. I told her what had happened, she said she couldn’t see _ _ _ _ _ _ saying this. She said she would look into it. I said she wouldn’t because her attitude was that pop was lying and _ _ _ _ _ wasn’t. I told pop to wait for me and I walked out of the ward, I went up to the nurses station and I told them all what happened to my pop. I told them loudly because I wanted them to all know. One person said they would call security if I didn’t quieten down. But I didn’t I kept telling them, over and over again, until someone stopped and looked at me, looked at me properly. She called someone and told them to come down, she told me that what happened wasn’t right and that it will be taken care of properly. I waited this man in a suit came and I told him, he went to my pop, he shook his hand and said sorry. He told my pop that he wasn’t treated with respect. that word respect meant so much to pop. He went off, later he came back with the man who laughed at pop, he was made to apologize to pop. I think this man is actually going to do something about the man who upset my pop.


I have finally taken the step towards relearning the fine art of knitting. It wasn’t as easy as others thought it would be. One Elder thought I would pick it up straight away with the needles in my hands, well I didn’t.

Needles in hand and wool at the ready, I used a YouTube starters video to watch. Casting on was terrible, I ended up with wool everywhere but none on the needle.

My son stepped in and helped me, he spend about an hour showing me and taking me step by step through it, taking the wool when it didn’t want to do what I wanted.

First problem was that I used to knit left handed, but now I can’t, so we tried again, right handed, it felt awkward and strange, but we made it through.

I started of with 20 stitches on the needle.

I have dropped some and added others, it’s a lot harder than I remember. Sometimes I seem to go alright and others I stop and have to remember what the steps are.

But that’s okay, I will eventually get it down pat, one day I will be able to knit like I used to and not have to pay attention to every step, I will be able to sit back and watch TV while the click clack of the needles goes merrily along.

I’m rather proud of myself, it might not look much to you, but to me it is a triumph over the tumour in my brain.