Monthly Archives: May 2020

The Countdown Continues

Not many days until I start treatment. This week I’ve had the dental appointment to check on how my teeth are and the discussion with the doctors as to removing a tooth or not.

I had a fun package from Look Good Feel Better, a confidence package that has makeup and such like in it.

I think this is a wonderful idea, because you really feel like shit when you go through treatment, and having some nice makeup to make you feel pretty is a really nice thing

The brands are good ones

The colours are nice, but a bit concerned that the foundation is Classic Beige. I don’t know if my colour is fading or they don’t worry about the Dark Complexion tick. Oh well, maybe I can go out in white face.

Countdown begins

I’m preparing for radiation treatment. I know I had said I wasn’t going through that again, but have been convinced by how targeted treatment works with less drama.

So now I’m in preparation stages, I have bought extra toothbrushes, all extra soft, mouthwash (in case) and toothpaste. Have stocked up on sorbolene cream, have tinnea cream, and honey. I like honey for the cracks in the side of the lips. I have plenty of salt for rinsing my mouth and helping to keep it healthy. A gentle body wash, that doesn’t cost a fortune, nothing scented.

Have started on my playlist, music to play during treatment, enough for the 6 weeks. Have got some extra music, thanks to Karen Wyld from Twitter, she gave me some really great suggestions. I also have organised my playlist of meditation sounds. I love the sound of rain on the roof, so I play that a lot when I’m wound up. I have some audio books lined up, in case I am not able to read without a headache.

This week I intend to make lots of soup to freeze and store in the freezer for me, so that I can have healthy food, and not depend on my rats, who might just decide that maccas is the go. I am going to make some pea and ham. Curry soups are a definite must have for me, so some cauliflower and potato curry soup. Of course the old standbys like tomato and vegetable soup.

I have to get the baby shampoo, I’m a bit annoyed that my hair is still growing after having it shaved off last year, so I’m going to have a bald patch at the front, where the treatment is going to target Charlotte (the tumour). It’s just not fair that my hair seems to suffer all the time from this, but I guess it’s just one of those things.

I keep wondering if I am leaving things off my list, but I hope I have got everything that I need. I hope that others will help me and tell me what I might have forgot to put on my list.