About Me

This is all about being an Aboriginal mum with inoperable cancer. How to live and survive. I want to share my wisdom, basically what I have been through so I can help some one, any one.
This isn’t going to be pretty I will share the good the bad the ugly of life with cancer and raising kids. Trying to pay the bills and all those fun things.
I will share tips on how to save money and believe me you need to know that because sometimes those bills are in the thousands and they are not on the PBS.
I will share with you my humours both bad and good. It is going to be a rocky ride because the Government is changing things and making it harder and the employment situation isn’t pretty and the kids just keep on needing. You know what they are like? They need shoes, clothes, food and school stuff. We don’t have the money for the luxuries but we have each other. You try telling that to a teenager as a blessing. They just roll them eyes.
But I want to share to tell my story to help and I really hope it helps some one.
Thank you

8 responses to “About Me


    I have read some of what you say, I enjoy it and I am learning from it. please don’t stop writing you are a voice for all those who suffer from the little known cancers.

  • TrishD

    Love your site, your spirit, your wisdom and your truth. Respect! Much love. X

  • Helena Hill

    I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to your on your site, I have been reading your articles and loving the raw honesty!

    I was especially drawn to your comment in the article ‘Aboriginal Cancer is different’ and your comment that ‘we are used to the medical profession doing what it whats, without explaining to us what is happening’.

    I am writing a piece for uni at the moment on Aboriginal Women giving birth in western hospitals and how this affects them – the care given and the vast difference between this method and the traditional birth of country. I would really like to talk with you offline and ask your a few questions given your background in the medical arena and as a mother.

    Thank you and look forward to talking.


  • GlobalVillageStory (@GlobalVStories)

    I’ve only just discovered your blog and I’d love to talk some more with you about sharing your story on our Global Village Storytelling Project. Here is a link to the contact form. We’d love if you would reach out to us. https://globalvillagestorytelling.wordpress.com/contact/

  • Jim Mungall

    Hello Colleen,
    I saw your interview on Lateline.
    You are a truly amazing person, I admire your courage and your compassion for others.
    Please remain strong and keep up the good work you are doing.
    Love and best wishes,
    North Beach SA

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