cheap and easy, just like me.

So when you have too much money to pay in bills you learn to be a cheapskate from cutting and hemming old towels into floor mats for the bathroom to reusing every thing. Toothbrush doesn’t get thrown out it gets used to clean other things like the tricky corners or some cooking trays. Toothpaste can be used not just on your teeth but to clean melamine and Tupperware.

If you have a baby and sterilise bottles reuse the water in the washing machine and also its great to soak your cutlery in. it brings back the shine. If you don’t have a baby still get some tablets and keep it wit your cleaning kit


.bi carb

Don’t want to use washing powder? just use bi-carb, it can also boost the washing powder you may want to use. Bi carb can be used as a paste on most stains to help get rid of them and its great for cleaning out the smells in the fridge. Want to give the carpet a freshen up. Use bicarb, just shake it over the carpet and let it sit for a while then vacuum it off.


Bleach is cheap if you add it to the water while your machine is filling you won’t have any fading or problems. Use it in the toilets and showers.  Want to rinse the clothes get the washing powder out of them or the bi carbonate of soda. Don’t use fabric softeners they  really are not good for material. instead use vinegar. I use it all the time and if its a load of black clothing I use black vinegar and hang it all in the shade.vinegar

Vinegar like bleach can be used to clean just about everything and it also helps to clean the germs and clean the air


Stake of old CD’s you don’t need or are scratched? Turn them into mobiles to hang out side the house or make coasters

IMG_0297 IMG_0301




Its a fun activity for the kids to do as well and they think it wonderful.

Old shirts or bags you don’t use? make cushions out of them. The ones with shirts you can theIMG_0290

the sleeves on them and the kids can tie them to their bottoms and have fun fighting and not landing on the had ground.

My personal cheats are my jewellery but I will do them on another page


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