How to save money

This quick tips to help you save money and make everything go further. We had to do it the hard way with me being so ill. I can only thank goodness that I grew up black and poor.

When you have chemo you have lots of toxins in your body and it reacts to a lot of things. the hospitals recommend a Variety of goods that cost a fortune. Mix and match experiment a bit. I found Neutrogena bar only $2.50 worked and just using plain sorbolene  cream as a great wash just make sure you get a proper sorbolene cream and not one that is mixed with other ingredients. this will only cost about $6.00.

You have to wash everything after one use so I found it easier for me to buy from Kmart a huge roll of wipes. look in the auto section they are not called chux but you can cut one sheet into four so that it is easier use it to clean you and then the shower and it was less that ten dollars for this roll.

2013-06-20 11.56.43

Having the strength to hold bottles can be a problem so this is my solution, get the $1.00 water bottles fill them with body wash, moisturiser. Shampoo and conditioner if you are lucky to have hair. these are wonderful because it doesn’t take much effort to open and close them.


If you have tinea from medications, yes you can get it all over your body when taking medications home brand tinea cream works just as well. and dab of honey helps to.

Honey is great for the thrush in the mouth and the cracked lips it helps heal a lot. put some on any lesions you might get it works.

Olive oil, cook with it and use it on your skin its great and its wonderful for your hair as well.

olive oil



Anytime you get vegetables cut them up and freeze them I chop up some when doing the shopping and add the meat freeze it and then I just have to add it to the slow cooker with some liquid.


I also do the same with fruit if it doesn’t get eaten quick enough it gets frozen so it can be used bananas for smoothies or banana bread. Mulberry and other berries go into yoghurt or into pies or dumplings.


My old mate Vaseline cheaper than lip balms does a better job plus you can use it on your really dry skin on the elbows, knees, and feed.

But put a small amount in little containers and carry them with you


Don’t be afraid of Home brand I have found that the Aldi Baby wash works for me and talking to other women who have been through the same they agree.

When you  are going through Chemo or recovering you strength can be an issue. I had to have a lot of metal things put away as it would react. so here are some tips for that

make use of that bra you can’t wear anymore by hanging your jewellery on it

2013-06-20 11.54.56 IMG_0276

and hang the scarves and hats along next to them this helps to keep it all need but if you have injuries it makes it easier to get to things.

Just when you thought I wasn’t going to get anymore strange….


As I was on high doses of steroids and the cancer medications I gained an awful lot of weight. At one point I was rush again to hospital and as I swell as the day goes on they had to cut my DVT stocking. So I used them to make a little hat for my head. They are surprisingly warm when you are bald and its winter. They fit under hats and scarves to give a bit of extra warmth.

Bending over can be a problem and putting on the socks or your knickers so here are the handy helpers.


these wonderful contraptions help you put on DVT stockings. If you don’t have one of these put a plastic shopping bag in your stockings, have a hole in the base of it then pull them up using the handles. stocking come up and shopping bag can be ripped off.

putting on plain socks or stockings when you have hip or back problems. get some long tongs, the BBQ type, I sprayed mine on the end with not slip paint and they are great pick up things help you pull up your socks or your underwear.

2013-06-20 11.58.00 2013-06-20 11.57.27

I will end this page now. But I will do another page with tips and helpful bits and bots.


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