Shabby Chic

So the need to look cool and chic is necessary for every girl, old or young. So lets look at some great cheats that make you look good or small price



I love old jewellery and have some of my mum’s so I wear it in a variety of ways. So this broach I wear as a ring, or a necklace depending on the mood I am in.


IMG_1099 IMG_1098

Get your broach and on the back use a hairband to wrap it around your finger. I have never had anyone realise what it is. I get comments on my great rings and show others how easy it is to do.

IMG_1097 IMG_1096


So the necklace on the left I ripped off, I saw it with lace and beads and just changed it to scraps of material that I had. Similar with the right the original I saw was made with lace, so I used tulle and  black love beads. I think it looks cool


IMG_1095 IMG_1094

It is easy and cheap to make just get some cheap chain from the craft store and work from there.

I have also made bangles from peanut paste, vegemite jarsIMG_1092

Just spray paint them basic black first and then you can cover them in ribbon, string beading any kinds of shining glittering bits and bots that you want.


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