What to do when you are going to have Chemotherapy

This is my list of what to do before Chemotherapy

  1. Stock up on Sorbolene and moisturiser and baby oil. Your skin can suffer badly.
  2. Check your washing powder is a low irritant. Wash your bedding every day, use a new towel each time you wash and clean the old one. Don’t use fabric softener, its cheaper and more effective to use vinegar in your final rinse and it does make everything fluffy, while making sure all soap and other irritants are not on your clothing and linen.
  3. Bleach, This is great for cleaning the toilet, shower and bath without it being a huge problem with your skin
  4. Before you start, stock up on a variety of foods that are quick and easy to prepare. Your body will sometimes not want to eat or can’t hold down food, so eat whatever you are craving, even if it’s cheezles. Have plenty of milk and basics in your cupboard as you will find yourself time poor and facing a financial hit as well, so this alleviates some of the problems. Many area’s have churches and food banks to help if the strain gets a bit too much and you need help.
  5. Get some soft scarves or towie for your head, you will feel the cold, even in summer. You can buy Towie from Cancer Council and a lot of shops or just make them yourself out of old T-shirt fabric. They are soft and comfortable.
  6. Body wash that is soap free, Pinetarsol, QV many of these are great because your skin suffers. Extra moisture for your body. I use baby oil when wet and then dry it off with my towel, then put a layer of moisturiser on my body. It helps to keep it from getting too dry.
  7. Tinea cream is great to stock up on, because you can get a lot of rashing and this works wonders. I have even used it on a swab in my mouth to get rid of trush and it worked (Dr was shocked). Honey is great for putting on those cracks on the ends of your mouth. Oh and remember to moiturise your head. Sometimes losing hair or re-growing hair cause a lot of itching.
  8. A dab of oil on your finger and toe nails helps them. They can weaken or become brittle. Mine went all yellow and split a lot. So the oil helped to keep them intact and I made sure I had a pedicure even a home job done by kids or your partner, this helps to make you feel normal and healthy.
  9. Nice wooly socks for keeping your feet warm.
  10. Easy slip on and off shoes, who wants to be struggling with shoes when you feel like hell. also stretchy shoes are good if you get swelling.
  11. DVT stockings. You can have issues with water retention, or swelling and you don’t want to run the risk of getting Deep Vein Thrombosis, so DVT stockings or socks are great, and they make your feet feel better if you get swollen feet.
  12. Soft clothing, you might find your favourite jeans are too abrasive on your skin, so have plenty of soft pants, shirts or dresses.
  13. Have plenty of reading material or small projects that you can do while having chemo and when you are at home resting.
  14. Wipes, When you are suffering wipes are easier to use to go to the toilet especially if you have to watch out for toxins, and a packet in your bag to take when you are out. Don’t just get the toilet ones, get a multi purpose, as it all flushes the same. But you can wipe yourself down if you need through the day, instead of carrying a washer.
  15. Toothpaste. I found a dry mouth toothpaste worked best for me. But you really need to take care of your oral hygiene.  Rinse your mouth with warm salty water, this works better and is cheaper than most mouth wash on the market. It’s also gentler on your body.
  16. Put up a sign outside your house or on the door, telling visitors to not smoke, not wear perfume or deodorant etc. that might affect you. Your friends and family won’t be upset and will be glad to know the rules so they can visit


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